Palladio School

Our school was founded by great educators, who shared/imparted not only their knowledge to their students but also values, visions, culture and humanity. At present, their successors, who are also teachers, continue their work, having the same coral values, and enrich it with modern and up to date concepts, following the evolution and the challenges of our times. In 1921, three highly educated siblings, Panagiotis Zervos, one of the most prominent mathematicians, Professor, Academic and later Chancellor in the University of Athens, Ioannis Zervos, a litterateur and Intellect and Alexandra Zervou-Lazaropoulou, Educator, founded in Kallithea one of the oldest private schools in Greece, “A, Zervou-Lazaropoulou School”.

In 1962 the school was transferred to Nea Smyrni. In 1999, the building of our Primary school in Nea Smyrni was renovated and named “Palladio Primary School”. In 2004, the Primary School, the Junior and High Schools were named “PALLADIO Schools”. In 2007-2008 our new Nursery was founded in Vari, a suburb of Athens. In 2009 our Primary School in Vari opened. Now, our Nursery, Primary, Junior and High School in Vari is greatly valued in the Greek society for the quality of education it offers, since it provides its students not only with the necessary prerequisites for the development of their personality but also for their evolution in their future life.